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ISFM2351 Bluetooth Hands-free Phone + A2DP Audio Kit TranzIt BLU HF: iSimple


  Free Shipping in the Continental US via standard ground service


  • Free ground shipping (lower 48 states only)
  • Allows for hands-free calling from your vehicle
    • Phone rings over car radio speakers**
    • Caller ID is displayed on RDS capable radios**
  • Plays streaming music over radio from Android, iPhone or any A2DP device
    • Displays song/artist text when streaming from iPhone
    • Allows you to skip forward in your song list
  • Voice Recognition (VR) capable (Only works with VR capable phones)
    • Make calls without touching the phone
    • Compose and send text messages verbally
    • Play music with a simple voice command
    • Ask your smartphone for navigation directions
  • Calling, music streaming and VR compatible with Android or iPhone
    • Free APP is available for both
  • Non-smartphones may only support basic calling
  • Plays audio over radio through either antenna jack OR aux cable
  • Includes a noise-cancelling microphone (with detachable visor clip)
  • Requires connection of power and ground wires
  • Peripheral/iSimple part number ISFM2351
  • We're an authorized Peripheral/iSimple dealer
  • Check out the Demo video below!!


Almost half the states have passed laws requiring use of a hands-free device in your car if you're going to talk while driving. Eventually they all will. Most Bluetooth hands-free kits require your radio to be satellite or remote CD Changer capable. Even then, the Bluetooth kit is sometimes not compatible with those options. That rules out a large number of people who either don't have radios with those capabilities or don't want to lose those features just to add Bluetooth. Enter the iSimple TranzIT BLU HF... (Otherwise known as the ISFM2351.)

The ISFM2351 Bluetooth interface allows you to directly connect your Bluetooth phone to your car stereo. Use it to make and receive calls through your car stereo. If you have an iPhone or Android smartphone (or any other phone with A2DP technology) you can also stream music wirelessly from the phone. iPhones and Android devices also allow you to issue commands using Voice Recognition (VR). Some non-smartphones support VR as well. (Read more on these features below.) This kit uses the FM antenna connection on the back of your radio to do this, so it's a great option for vehicles that don't have an available aux input. But it also includes a 3.5mm headphone jack to pipe the audio through your radio's aux input, if so equipped.

This kit includes a noise-cancelling microphone that you will mount somewhere in your vehicle. The cable is several feet long and the microphone includes a detachable mounting clip, so there are a multitude of routing options. The microphone will have to be mounted where it can pick up your voice relatively easily. It is black in color, so it won't stand out in most mounting locations. You will have to use the microphone that comes with this kit. You cannot use your factory OnStar microphone, for instance. Another main component of this kit is the low-profile, dash-mountable control button that is used to access all the features. The control button has to be mounted within reach but does not have to be in sight. This kit uses standard 'motorola' antenna connectors. It is compatible in ANY vehicle with a radio. However, some radios (especially in vehicles not in the Compatibility List) may use a different antenna jack. If so, antenna adapters will be required. Call or email with your application if you have questions about your antenna plug.

Phone calls:

Taking/making calls is as simple as pressing a preset button on your radio and pressing the small control button. The default FM frequency is 98.1 but, if you have a smartphone (or temporary access to one), you can assign ANY frequency on your FM dial. FM reception is cut off when using this kit. This is great because it eliminates interference problems that plague many RF-based kits. (If you've heard complaints about other, cheap RF kits, it's probably because they were either wireless or didn't cut off FM reception. This kit doesn't have either of those drawbacks.) In fact, since it cuts off FM reception, if you assign the frequency of the FM station you listen to the most, when you want to make or receive a call and you're already listening to that station, you simply press the dash-mounted control button. You don't even have to touch the radio. **If you are listening to the station this device is assigned to, Caller ID is displayed on the screen (if your radio is RDS capable) and the phone will ring over the speakers in the car as well. You must be on the preset assigned to this device though. If you aren't, you will get the text and sound as soon as you press the appropriate preset.** (Note: If you're using the 3.5mm aux connection option to pipe the sound to your radio, you won't even be using the RF feature, so the reception cut-off statement will not apply in that situation. However, you would have to press the appropriate Aux button on your radio before making/receiving a call if you're using aux connection instead of FM.) Check out the demo video below.

Voice Recognition (VR):

This kit also supports VR for both Android and iPhone devices. (May require installation of a free App that corresponds to your device type.) With VR, you can press the dash-mounted control button, then issue basic commands to send text messages, make phone calls, play music, use your phone's navigation App and more. All without touching the phone. Your phone (via the car's speakers) will ask you to confirm your choices, just like it would if you were handling it manually. Check out the demo video below.

Music Streaming:

This kit supports A2DP wireless technology. This allows you to stream music wirelessly from any phone that supports A2DP. (Most Android phones from the last few years and all iPhones, except the original version, support this feature. A few non-smartphones do as well. Double check if you're unsure.) You can skip forward to the next song while in streaming mode by pressing the dash-mounted control button. If you've got an iPhone, song and artist text are displayed on the radio as well. (Provided the radio is RDS capable.) This is a great way to listen to your music selection OR music APPS like Pandora. (Data charges still apply for use of an APP over a cellular network.) If you make or receive a call while streaming music, it will return you to the music once the call is disconnected. Check out the demo video below.

Demo from the manufacturer:

Ad content from the manufacturer:
Stream your music directly from your iPhone or Android smartphone through your vehicle’s sound system. The ISFM2351 includes a convenient, low-profile, dash-mountable control button for controlling your streaming music, answering calls, and launching your phone’s VR functions. Text, e-mail, call, or get directions without handling your smartphone.

TranzIt BLU HF is engineered to connect to any radio in any vehicle. It features a 3.5mm audio output for connecting into any vehicle’s aux audio input for optimum sound quality, but also has standard motorola style antenna connections which allow for installation into any radio with a standard connector FM antenna, even 12 Volt amplified antenna systems.

States/provinces known to have a hands-free Distracted Driving Law as of 1/1/2014: AR, CA, CT, DE, DC, Guam, HI, IL, LA, MD, NV, NJ, NM, NY, OK, OR, PR, VT, VI, WA, WV

Compatible with all Android devices with Bluetooth:

Compatible with the following Apple devices:


Available Options:
Antenna Options:
Current Reviews: 5
This product was last updated on Friday 22 April, 2016.
UPC: 609098812573 | 656727971293 | 615339557233 | 615339557240
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Product Reviews
Submited By: Teresa Zetko on 01/07/2015
Great product. Great store. Excellent communication. I bought this for a 2004 cadillac deville dts with factory-installed Bose stereo system. At first I could not get it to work so I emailed replacement radios and within minutes I had a response from them with specific instructions. I did what they said and ten minutes later I am hooked up and working. Wish I would\'ve bought this long ago. Way better than a cassette adapter or a traditional fm transmitter. Crystal clear calling and music streaming from my phone. Love it.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Debra Dutra on 04/21/2014
Just wanted to say thank you. This unit is the best, and I installed it
myself. It works just like you reported. Again thank you very much.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars!
Submited By: Eben Ferguson on 04/18/2014
This place sold me my Tranzit Blu for about $70 cheaper than the manufacture’s website, Great Deal!
The functionality of the Tranzit Blu is great, the execution of it could use some work . Being able to change the track and call up VR is very easy, but I wish they would make it a double click instead of holding the button down for 2 seconds to access the VR function because that would be a little more direct, but you get the hang of it after awhile.
The microphone works well. Everyone says they can hear me fine when I call them from the system. I have the microphone positioned on top of my rear view mirror.
The sound quality isn’t as good as other systems I’ve used. Calls can be hard to hear when coming through the radio. The volume also gets cut by about 50% compared to the normal radio volume so when the system is off, the radio blasts which is annoying (because you have it turned up so loud to be able to adjust for the lack of volume the unit provides). You also won’t be able to play your radio as loud as you used to because it just doesn’t output the same levels as your radio, cd or tape (I have mine plugged in using the radio connection and not the AUX, by the way).
If the system doesn’t connect to a Bluetooth device then it won’t turn on (which is good).
It doesn’t get the best reception, sometimes if my phone is in my pocket the song I’m playing will cut in and out, if I have the phone out on the dash it works fine. The receiver is only 8 inches away even when my phone is in my pocket. My old Bluetooth receiver used to be in my truck and that always worked fine no matter where my phone was.
It worked fine for the 1st 3 days that I had it installed, but on the 3rd day it wouldn’t play any music and my radio wouldn’t lock on to the station. My phone said it was connected to the device, but the device wasn’t sending any signal to the radio. I restarted it and my car a few times and nothing seemed to work. Finally it just magically started broadcasting a signal and my radio locked on to it right away. It’s only done that once and has worked fine since, but nothing like that has ever happened with other Bluetooth kits I’ve had.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars!
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 Reviews on this item Write your own
 review on this product
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