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Ford Lincoln Mercury radio Button Knob set (05-06 style)


  Free Shipping in the Continental US via standard ground service

  • NEW Factory (OEM) Ford CD6 radio knob & button set
    • NOT a complete radio. Not a complete face.
  • Not for all Ford radios
    • Even though they may look the same
    • Read on
  • Includes all the buttons, in brand new condition
  • Includes the volume knob
  • Does NOT include the display/control board 
    • But it is available
  • Does not include the face
    • But it is available
  • A GREAT way to replace buttons that are:
    • Worn, scratched, missing or broken
  • Only compatible with Delco Delphi manufactured radios
    • Read DETAILS section to see how to identify yours
  • Similar to Dorman 76823 set
    • Only ours also includes the MENU button
      • Theirs does not
  • Not compatible with navigation radio
  • Not compatible with the 2007 and newer radios
  • Not compatible with Pioneer manufactured radios
  • Not compatible with Visteon manufactured radios
  • Not all buttons are compatible in single CD radios
  • Radio MUST be unplugged for 60 minutes before replacement


Ford radios manufactured by Delco are known for bad button wear.   Don't let a worn out looking radio drag your vehicle down.  Get your replacement parts from ReplacementRadios.  If you're in need of new buttons for the Delco CD6 radio in your 2005-2006 Ford or Mercury vehicle because they're worn, you're likely in the right place. This is a brand new set, complete with knob.  

This is similar to the Dorman 76823 set, only our set includes the MENU button as well.  Why buy an incomplete set when you can get the full set from a company that specializes in factory audio/video?

You can use most of these buttons on the CD and CD/Cassette radios also.  The presets, seek, text, am-fm and cd buttons are the same, for instance, and those are the ones that usually wear.  So simply swap those into your face and you're good to go.  (The eject button is definitely different from the CD radios.  Other buttons not addressed in this paragraph may or may not be the same.)

These can ONLY be used on Delco manufactured Ford radios.  Not Pioneer and not Visteon.  Further, your vehicle must be a 2005-2006.  If your radio has button wear, you probably have a Delco because that was an INCREDIBLY common problem with them.  However, if you want to be sure, pull your radio and make sure it does not say Pioneer or Visteon on any of the stickers.  Another indicator it's a Delco is an 8-digit numeric part number above the Ford number on the part sticker.  


These buttons were most commonly found in radios from 2005-2006. But there are some exceptions. Ford used three different radio manufacturers and, even though the radios looked the same from the face, none of the parts are interchangeable. Some vehicles from a given year and model may have the Delco radio while others from that exact same year and model may have the Visteon or Pioneer version. Do yourself a favor and email us BEFORE purchasing if you have questions. If you find they don't work for you, you didn't follow the instructions in this ad. That is entirely within your control...

Make sure to match the part number on YOUR radio!!  It is usually OK for the very last letter to differ (GA vs GB, for instance) but it is not safe to assume it will work for you if you have a difference elsewhere in your part number (GA vs HA, for instance) or a part number starting with a different number (5 vs 6, for instance.)  Do yourself a favor and email us BEFORE purchasing if you have questions, because returns are not accepted.
  • 4S4T-18C815-A_ (AG, AH, etc): 2004 Focus
  • 4S4T-18C815-B_ (BG, etc): 2004 Focus
  • 5F2T-18C815-E_ (EB, etc): 2005 Freestar/Monterey
  • 5F9T-18C815-F_ (FH, etc): 2005 Freestyle
  • 5F9T-18C815-G_ (GA, GB, etc): 2005 Freestyle
  • 5F9T-18C815-H_ (HA, HB, etc): 2005 Freestyle
  • 5G1T-18C815-E_ (EA, EB, etc): 2005 Five Hundred/Montego
  • 5G1T-18C815-F_ (FA, FB, etc): 2005 Five Hundred/Montego
  • 5L3T-18C815-F_ (FG, FH, FJ, etc): 2005 F150/Mark LT
  • 5L3T-18C815-K_ (KH, etc): 2005 F150/Mark LT
  • 5R3T-18C815-G_ (GA, GB, etc): 2005 Mustang
  • 5R3T-18C815-J_ (JA, etc): 2005 Mustang
  • 5S4T-18C815-A_ (AB, etc): 2005 Focus
  • 6F9T-18C815-A_ (AA, AB, AC, etc): 2006 Freestyle
  • 6G1T-18C815-A_ (AC, etc): 2006 Five Hundred/Montego
  • 6G1T-18C815-B_ (BB, BC, etc): 2006 Five Hundred/Montego
  • 6L3T-18C815-F_ (FE, FF, etc): 2006 F150/Mark LT
  • 6L3T-18C815-J_ (JD, etc): 2006 F150/Mark LT
  • 6L3T-18C815-K_ (KD, etc): 2006 F150/Mark LT
  • 6R3T-18C815-G_ (GD, GE, etc): 2006 Mustang
  • 6R3T-18C815-H_ (HD, etc): 2006 Mustang
  • 6R3T-18C815-K_ (KD, etc): 2006 Mustang
  • 6S4T-18C815-A_ (AD, etc): 2006 Focus
  • 6S4T-18C815-B_ (BD, etc): 2006 Focus
  • 7F9T-18C815-B_ (BA, etc): 2007 Freestyle
  • 7G1T-18C815-B_ (BA, etc): 2007 Five Hundred/Montego
  • Others are possible. Do not assume though. Ask.
* Make sure your radio does not have a PIONEER CORPORATION sticker on the side of the case.

This product was last updated on Friday 05 January, 2018.
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