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radio repairs
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radio repairs

radio repairs

Radio repairs, parts, accessories and complete radios are available at Replacement Radios. They can all be found by clicking on the Repairs category in the left column. Do you have an import or domestic radio that is nice but has developed a problem? Radio repairs are often a better choice than purchasing a complete replacement unit. Although we offer OEM car radios at competitive prices, our radio repairs are sometimes a better option. Especially when you consider all our prices include return shipping. Radio repairs at some electronics places can be a shot in the dark. Just because they're an electronics shop doesn't mean they specialize in car radio repairs OR that they're qualified. Replacement Radios, on the other hand, carries a large selection of parts for just about every popular radio from the last 10 years plus. We also have test benches so we can make sure the radio is working properly before we send it back to you. This includes specialized equipment that allows us to test the newer GM radios that are VIN-assigned and other radios that require a CAN-BUS signal. Don't go through the aggravation of letting an amateur perform your radio repairs. You'll waste time running back and forth because they don't really know if they've solved the problem and they need to put the radio in the car to do their testing each time they try something new. Trust your radio repairs to the experts at Replacement Radios. All we carry are OEM car radios so we've seen and solved most of the common problems.

Radio repairs are done right at Replacement Radios. We're so confident we can perform your radio repairs right the first time, we include a warranty on all our radio repairs. Most of our radio repairs are done with brand new parts, unlike many fly-by-night shops or places that don't specialize in OEM car radios. Often, they don't have access to new parts. If you have burnt out bulbs, for instance, do you want them replaced with used ones? How long before that part fails too? Replacement Radios has made a substantial investment in specialized equipment that allows us to do pre and post repair testing on your unit. Other places might slap in a used part and simply hope it works when you get it because they have no way of testing it. You've probably heard the story: "It worked when we removed it from the car so it SHOULD work now..." Translated: "We can't test it, so we don't really know if it works but we'll say it does and hope we don't see you again." Usually you can only find test equipment like ours at the shops that are affiliated with the vehicle or radio manufacturers. And you probably know what they charge for their radio repairs. (Or remanufacturing or refurbishing. Whatever they call it.) At Replacement Radios, we have a radio sales business, so we don't have to rely on repairs only. That allows us to provide you with quality radio repairs at the most reasonable prices possible.

Radio repairs can take a long time at most other shops. They either don't know what they're doing, don't have the parts on-hand or simply don't appreciate the fact that you need your radio back as soon as possible. At Replacement Radios, we value your time and we want you to enjoy music in your vehicle again as soon as possible. Typical car radio repairs are performed within 3 days of receipt of the radio. We're located in central IL, so return shipping is also very quick to anywhere in the US. You usually get your radio back within 7-10 days of sending it to us. We know it can be difficult to go without your radio but, often, radio repairs can be scheduled for minimal impact. (During vacation or a business trip, for instance.) When you look at it, saving $100-$200 with a repair rather than a replacement OEM radio is usually worth the few days you are without music. We'll amaze you with our turn-around time. You'll probably wonder why you didn't look us up for your radio repairs sooner. We don't believe in the 2-3 week turnaround stunts the manufacturer-affiliated repair shops pull on you. Replacement Radios does radio repairs quickly and affordably. You should check us out.

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