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refurbished car stereo

refurbished car stereo

Refurbished car stereo is a phrase you hear tossed around quite a bit. What does it mean, exactly? At Replacement Radios, it means we've went through great effort to make sure the radio you ordered is in good condtion and working properly when you receive it. If we have to dis-assemble the stereo to replace a button or a light bulb, we will. If we have to put a brand new face on it, we do. If it's missing a knob or button, we replace it. See, we don't have a 'junk yard mentality' here at Replacement Radios. A refurbished car stereo isn't just some radio that's pulled from a wreck, cleaned up a little bit and stuffed in a box. That's what the other guys do. We test our radios to make sure they are functioning properly. We replace CD and cassette mechanisms, if they need it. We then put a warranty on every radio we sell. A refurbished car stereo from Replacement Radios truly is a radio you'll be proud to put in your vehicle. Check out our offerings in the RADIOS column on the left of this page.

Refurbished car stereo isn't just something we use to describe our own radios either. Do you have an import or domestic radio that is nice but has developed a cosmetic or functional problem? Let us refurbish it at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one. Radio repairs are often a better choice than purchasing a complete replacement stereo. Although our car stereos are priced very competitively, our radio repairs are even more attractively priced. Don't settle for a radio that looks bad or doesn't work right. Get your car stereo refurbished through us. We offer a complete line of parts for most radios from the last 10 years. We get the work performed quickly and return your refurbished car stereo in a matter of days.

Refurbished car stereo doesn't mean the same thing for all radio shops. Buying a radio from some electronics places can be a crap shoot. Just because they're an electronics shop doesn't mean they specialize in car radio repairs OR that they're qualified. Replacement Radios, on the other hand, strives to provide a radio we'd be proud to put in our own vehicles. We're automotive enthusiasts and it shows in our refurbished car stereo offerings. Whether it's cosmetic or functional, we do it right. Don't go through the aggravation of letting an amateur refurbish your car stereo. You'll waste time and money and you probably won't be satisfied in the end. And don't spend double the money at one of those high-end radio shops. They provide the same services we do. They just inflate their prices because they know the dealers do it too. We're not like that here at Replacement Radios. We provide quality service at a fair price. This business wasn't started as a get-rich scheme. It was started because the founder was shocked at the prices radio places were charging, not to mention the auto dealers. It just didn't seem right. There had to be a better way and now, thanks to Replacement Radios, there is. Let us prove it.

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