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Wireless charging car dock

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Wireless charging car dock kits allow you to charge your phone wirelessly in your vehicle. Sound like what you're looking for? Click on the Wireless Charging category to the left to start exploring. You'll find a number of kits for popular vehicles from the last 5 yearws, as well as a universal kit that you can cut to fit in any vehicle. No, it's not some clunky mat you lay on your dash. The vehicle-specific kits are laser-cut to fit in consoles, dash pockets, arm rests, etc. Your friends and family will swear it's original to the car. They probably won't even notice it...until you drop your phone on the mat and it gives that familiar charging tone. Then you can bet they'll notice. And they'll probably want one for themselves. We predict wireless charging is going to be huge in a short amount of time. What's not to love? No more wires to tote around. No more looking for that USB adapter for your cigarette lighter. No more having to fumble around with cords and risk wearing out your connection. Your phone is pretty much ruined once your charging port bites the dust. Now you simply drop your phone on the sweet spot and it charges wirelessly! Convenient and cool. Nice.

The wireless charging car dock arena is a new one. Home charging pads have been around for a number of years. But think how much time you spend in your vehicle. Someone finally figured out people need to charge their phones on the road too. And quite often. How many times have you had to stop what you're doing to connect your phone? Wouldn't it be easier to just drop it on the mat? The wireless charging car dock kits allow you to do just that. Normally a dock is considered to be a device that locks the phone in place. That's not the case with most of these kits. Since they're designed to fit in common sense locations in your vehicle, they don't have to look like a dock. In other words, they don't have to stick out like a sore thumb. The vehicle specific kits come with templates for any cutting or drilling that may be required, along with a rubber mat, a charging coil block and a power cable that you will connect to power and ground under your dash. Pretty basic stuff.

In order to use a wireless charging car dock your phone must be equipped with wireless charging coils. A growing number of phones come with these coils standard but many do not. Luckily, there are a number of accessory companies who make cases and battery covers that have the coils built in. Please do your research before purchasing though. Contact your phone manufacturer, your carrier or simply do some research on the internet. If you find you do have wireless charging coils built-in or are ready to purchase a coil-equipped case or cover, your next step is to determine what type. As of this writing, there are two different standards: Qi (pronounced chee) and Powermat. They are NOT interchangeable. If you have Qi coils, you must buy a Qi charger. The same goes with Powermat. Be sure to review the details for the charger you are considering and purchase the style that matches your needs. As usual, if you have questions, just drop us an email or give us a call.

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